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IRSA for hpux servers

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IRSA for hpux servers


I have problem in implementing IRSA 5.4 with hpux servers. i have successfully integrated EVA boxes with IRSA and its automatically logging a call with HP if any h/w failures.

But for HPUX server i am getting events in HP SIM but not logging a call with HP. there was some problem for generating incidents in System Event Analyzer. whereas i can see EVA's incidents in SEA

So please give me any support that it will help to integrate the IRSA

Olivier Masse
Honored Contributor

Re: IRSA for hpux servers

Part of IRS is a product named WEBES (or SEA) that analyzes events and sends notification to HP through the ISEE back-end if necessary.

First, I suggest you configure WEBES to send e-mails notifications if you haven't done so, but it is possibly already done if you get SEA emails.

Then you need to have SIM subscribe to WBEM events on your server which is easy to do using mxwbemsub. Looks like you did this already. Then, you must ensure WEBES subscribes too; this happens automatically in theory, but experience here showed me it doesn't work in many cases as it will try to subscribe once as soon as it discovers the server as a new entity, but then it's hard to have it try again if that initial subscription fails.

To check if WEBES is subscribed, run this on your HP-UX system as root:
# evweb subscribe -b external -L

You should have a few "HPSIM_xxxxx" subscriptions, which are the ones SIM uses.

You must also have one subscription named "HPWEBES_xxxxx". If that one is not there, WEBES will not trap the hardward events.

If that happens, one trick is to delete your server from the WEBES managed system list, then stop and restart the director. Wait 15 minutes and run evweb again. WEBES should haved picked up your server from SIM and subscribed within that time frame.

Good luck
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Re: IRSA for hpux servers

Hi Oliver

Thanks for your support

But in my case the one of the server is getting in ssh port but it should get the wbem-http port (5989). is that right?
How to change my listening port to 5989?

Now i am getting like this
--> tcp 0 0 Kaveri.22 drcxp20-

But We should get output this in hpux server
--> tcp 0 0 Kaveri:wbem-https

see the below output in kaveri
Value of TERM has been set to "xterm".
Kaveri-/>evweb subscribe -b external -L

Filter Name Handler Name Query Destinat Destination Url
================================================ ================================================= ========================================================================================= ======== =========================================
HPSIM_TYPE_1_sbidr_xp_cms_0 HPSIM_TYPE_1_sbidr_xp_cms_penna SELECT * FROM CIM_AlertIndication CIMXML
HPSIM_sbidr_xp_cms_0 HPSIM_sbidr_xp_cms select * from HP_DeviceIndication UNKNOWN
HPSIM_sbidr_xp_cms_1 HPSIM_sbidr_xp_cms select * from HP_ThresholdIndication UNKNOWN
HPSIM_isee_0 HPSIM_isee select * from HP_DeviceIndication UNKNOWN
HPSIM_isee_1 HPSIM_isee select * from HP_ThresholdIndication UNKNOWN
HPSIM_TYPE_1_isee_0 HPSIM_TYPE_1_isee_penna SELECT * FROM CIM_AlertIndication CIMXML https://isee:50004/cimom/listen1
EMS_INTERNAL_427491329 EMS_INTERNAL_427491329 SELECT * FROM HP_DeviceIndication WHERE ProviderName = "FPL_IndicationProvider" UNKNOWN
EMS_INTERNAL_427491334 EMS_INTERNAL_427491334 SELECT * FROM HP_DeviceIndication WHERE ProviderName = "CoreHardwareIndicationProviderIA" UNKNOWN
HPSIM_drcxp20-216_0 HPSIM_drcxp20-216 select * from HP_DeviceIndication UNKNOWN
HPSIM_drcxp20-216_1 HPSIM_drcxp20-216 select * from HP_ThresholdIndication UNKNOWN
HPWEBES_drcxp20-216_13_Filter_HP_AlertIndication HPWEBES_drcxp20-216_13_Handler_HP_AlertIndication select * from HP_AlertIndication UNKNOWN