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IRSS installation webes failed

Joan Labernia
Occasional Contributor

IRSS installation webes failed


I try to install IRSS in one Proliant DL with Windows Standard 2003 64 bits with SP2 installed.

When I launch the installation file, all works ok, but when wizard try to install webes 6.1, says "" Desta_service did not start successfully you need to start the service manually after the installation completes ... ""
After this warning message the wizard continues until the end. All items are in green, and I think that installation is ok.
The Desta service is stoped, but I can't start manually, the says that one dependency is failed. This dependency is WCCProxy, but if I try to start this service says the same, _I need one more dependency.
I try to install in other path directory, originally the installation choose " c:\program Files\HP\(x86) I try to install in c:\Program Files\HP, but I have the same problem.

Anyone know this problem or give me any idea ??

Thanks in advance

Joan Labernia
Esteemed Contributor

Re: IRSS installation webes failed

Yes you can have such issue with a windows 2003 installation because the WEBES installation did not get the feedback that the underlying SQL DB had a problem.

HP Support should be able to lead you to a working installation. We are now running our IRSS on w2008 but I saw such problems at some w2003 installations and HP support could solve them.

If your IRSS hw has no longer hw support or warranty

Check your event log perhaps you can see that a runtime support library is missing.
Or uninstall IRSS and download the webes 6.1
kit and run a manual installation.
You will see more of the possible problems.
Esteemed Contributor

Re: IRSS installation webes failed

Sorry I totally forgotten the prerequisite check of the insight software DVD.

This would be the much more simpler aproach.
Download the first DVD of insight software.
You can set the filter for SIM and IRSA which should give you all information what would be missing for IRSS.