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ISEE A.03.95 --- DST compliant java


ISEE A.03.95 --- DST compliant java


I had to reinstall the isee spop client a.03.95 on my 11.34 server. The prior installation I made the java in /opt/hpservices DST compliant. I had to swremove and reinstall it, and then I had to make the ISEE java dst compliant again. Also any new server installations, I also have to make isee java dst compliant.

anyone know of a newer isee client that has dst compliant java already rolled into it
Liem Nguyen
Honored Contributor

Re: ISEE A.03.95 --- DST compliant java


Not at this moment, all of the available ISEE packages for PA-RISC were released before the new DST in affect, therefore, you will have to make the change manually.

However, ISEE for Itanium (IA-64) does NOT come bundle with JRE, therefore, therefore, if you servers already had Java DST compliant, ISEE will use what ever you had.

You will find the ISEE package for IA-64 is much smaller than the other packages.

Hope this helps,