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ISEE Client Setup not Working

Greg Wojtak

ISEE Client Setup not Working

I am trying to install the ISEE client on my Linux servers (version 5.1.350-853). I have installed it on about a dozen DL380's and have had no problems. I try to install it on DL 580's and in the console view it comes up as Unnamed Device, and there is no IP information like for the other Linux boxes or the UX boxes. The only differences between what I am doing on the 380's and the 580's (besides the obvious hardware differences) is that the 380's are running Red Hat Enterprise Server 3 and the 580's are running Red Hat Advanced Server 3. Oh, I also don't get an e-mail saying an incident was opened, although it shows that one has been opened on the SPOP console view.

Re: ISEE Client Setup not Working

Greg - Assuming that the DL380's are OK then the difference must be in the diagnostics tool - the ISEE client requires that the Insight Manager (IM) agents are installed. The currebt version for RedHat ES/AS3 can be found here:

Checking for support here:

shows that this is a supported version

The agent then has to be configured to trap to an instance of OSEM (SNMP filtering software) somewhere in your enterprise - (this is typically the SPOP) - this can be done by using the settings tab of the agent web page on port 2301 and choosing the SNMP configuration option ((which effectively edits /etc/snmp/snmpd.conf) I'm assuming this is OK if your DL380's are working.)

If this works OK then you can install the ISEE client software from

If this doesn't install, then it may well be to do with some dependencies - there are some log files to look at as documented in the client configuration and upgrade guide.


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Liem Nguyen
Honored Contributor

Re: ISEE Client Setup not Working


1. How many LAN cards and what are the total number of characters for ALL IP addresses? There had been a problem with more than 128 characters, but this was fixed with ISEE SPOP version 3.50. Ignore this if you are running 3.50 or newer on your SPOP.
2. Have you tried logging onto the Client (http://hostname:5060/start.html) and continue with the Entitlement process? This needs to be done before the SPOP can recognize the Client properly.