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ISEE Deployment at HP-UX

Ajay Bhatnagar
Occasional Contributor

ISEE Deployment at HP-UX

Hi All,

Couple of days back i visited one site for ISEE deployment, ISEE installed successfully but during configuration it start generating error "Network Error (8) : Host Not Found"...

For this i update the server entry into host file. Moreover, when i was trying to check "". The sites working fine and i am able to see it correctly. Than i try to nslookup and telnet options as well. Both are working fine.

Is there anyone who can assist to get the issue resolved.

Awaiting for your valuable suggestions....

Ajay Bhatnagar
A. van Berk
Frequent Advisor

Re: ISEE Deployment at HP-UX

Sound like a DNS problem:
You can try one of the below:

1) Modify /etc/hosts and add

2) /opt/hpservices/RemoteSupport/bin/changeServer

After the changeServer you can configure entitlement and ISEE will work without DNS and without an entry in /etc/hosts.

Hope this helps
Liem Nguyen
Honored Contributor

Re: ISEE Deployment at HP-UX


If you can do nslookup, then the problem is NOT with DNS or hosts file.

Can you post the platform (PA-RISC or IA), OS version? Also, look at /opt/hpservices/etc/motprefs and post JVM_LOC entry here.

Posting mad.log and motprefs here may help too.