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ISEE Files

Chad Brindley
Regular Advisor

ISEE Files


HPUX 11.23

Can someone tell me where I may find the files spop.ans and server.log.

I am also looking for a script to run which is ISEE_CONNECTIVITY_CHECK or something similar, basically our notifications are not working and I need to run a script to check if spop is working and also I need to send the log files to HP.

A. van Berk
Frequent Advisor

Re: ISEE Files

Both files can be found on the SPOP server
(if you have one)
If you run attached batch file from the SPOP all needed files for troubleshooting
will be collected in a zip file.
A. van Berk
Frequent Advisor

Re: ISEE Files

The batch file you can run to test connectivity from the SPOP is:

C:\Program Files\Hewlett-Packard\ISEE\RemoteSupport\config\iseeConnectivityTest.bat

You should see an incident submitted in the
following webinterface:

Frequent Advisor

Re: ISEE Files

Hi Chad,

The spop.ans & server.log files are present in the spop server and not in the HP-Unix server.

If u want to run the ISEE_Connetivity test from SPOP server, u can get the script from the SPOP directory in the program files folder.

If u want to run in HPUX machine then u can find the same in /opt/hpservices/RemoteSupport/bin/