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ISEE Port numbers

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Paul Brear_1

ISEE Port numbers

i've read it only uses port 80 to communicate to HP but what else does it use ?
i am trying to get ISEE going here in Aus using on a HPUX 11.11 box.
The site im at(contracting) has MS ISA server with no basic auth so i cant use squid to use their Proxy.
i have organised for the company that manages the firewall to open up port 80 for me to connect to the isee server above. my question is if it uses any other ports/servers then i will be getting blocked by the corporate firewall.
currently they let out one HPUX server to port 80 of only.

any one got any answers ?


Paul in Aus.

this is my mad.log :
030605 15:35:48.236 ERROR,[Comm] sendReceive FAILED
030605 15:35:48.236 ERROR,[Comm] NetworkException (28): OEM vendor install failed for vendor 'HP_Services'
Liem Nguyen
Honored Contributor

Re: ISEE Port numbers


For now, port 80 outbound with established back is the ONLY port needed for ISEE to send and receive.

If the Customer is using MS ISA with NTLM Authentication, then they need to create a rule to allow ISEE Servers to get to HP with NO Authentication.

btw: NTLM is not supported as you can see in the Installation Guide, the rule above is just a work-around.

Hope this helps,
Frauke Denker_2
Esteemed Contributor

Re: ISEE Port numbers

just one comment to the message "NetworkException (28): OEM vendor install failed" - you will see this message until the client first manages to connect to HP.
Paul Brear_1

Re: ISEE Port numbers

Thanks guys.
It is working on port 80.
Was a routing issue at the firewall ( isnt it always !)