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ISEE alert mails not received

Trusted Contributor

ISEE alert mails not received


Up until recently ISEE has sent us alert emails of any problems (through an smtp server)-now we no longer receive any mails.

There are recent mails in the root mailbox but have never delivered to our address.Sending a mail manually from the root mailbox doesn't deliver either.

A firewall was added recently so this might be a factor.

Any help appreciated,
Liem Nguyen
Honored Contributor

Re: ISEE alert mails not received


This seems to be the problem with your SMTP Server and it has nothing to do with ISEE.
Please take a look at the log on your SMTP Server to find out if:

1. The mail was received on your SMTP Server and what kind of action it took. (i.e. reject the message, trash the message ...etc..). Your Mail Admin should be able to help you to resolve the issue

2. Another simple test is "telnet smtp_server 25", if you get the response, means your SMTP Server is setup correctly and it's listening on port 25.

3. Try sending from root to another email address, such as, if this works, then it could be your group mailbox (or alias) is not valid anymore.

The best approach for this is to work with your Mail Admin.

Hope this helps,
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Re: ISEE alert mails not received

Hi Dubliner,

This seems to be an issue with your SMTP. As you say till sometime back u were recieving the mails, i assume ur SMTP setting are O.K and as u say u have a new firewall, check whether the firewall allows these messages through it. Also check whether u are recieving the messages in the SMTP server.