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Sachindra S Singh_1
Occasional Contributor


Hi all,

During the recent activities it was observed that few event were logged in the syslog file from securepath, but the same were not monitored by or registered by ISEE, Can somebody explain if ISEE reads the syslogs or it is dependent only on EMS for Monitoring.
Andrew Merritt_2
Honored Contributor

Re: ISEE and EMS

Hi Sachindra,
ISEE does a lot of things, and I'm not an expert on ISEE. I do know that it does report events generated by the EMS Hardware Monitors, though it does have its own config files, so you may get events reported by ISEE which are not seen in the event.log file, and vice versa.

I don't think, though I'm open to correction, that ISEE monitors the syslog.log file.

You can find more information about ISEE, starting, for example, here:

Liem Nguyen
Honored Contributor

Re: ISEE and EMS


ISEE does NOT read syslog and you are right about dependent on EMS.

EMS would pick up hardware errors and writes to /var/opt/resmon/log/event.log, at the same time, EMS writes to rst.log in the same directory.

EMS then notifies rstListener (which is listening on port 1402) about the new event. The Listener then reads rst.log and passes the event to ISEE.

ISEE does the encryption on the package then sends to HP Backend (or SPOP) for processing.

Hope this helps,