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ISEE and Proxy, need to confirm something.

Richard Pereira_1
Regular Advisor

ISEE and Proxy, need to confirm something.


First post, new user...bare with me ;-)

Im looking over the install/update guide for ISEE and noticed the proxy fields in the GUI, can I use any port available on my proxy?
for exemple, ports 8088 or 80 ? without having to harass my network team to open up new ports?

Also, if I dont specify a proxy what is the default port for ISEE to communicate with HP? i think its port 5060, as stated in the book.

Thanks in advance,
Honored Contributor

Re: ISEE and Proxy, need to confirm something.


If you don't have a Proxy Server in your network then just ignore that option.

Do this to test the connection with HP:
Download the attached file:
1) FTP the file to your HP box. Use the binary mode during FTP.
2) Put the CheckCon.class into the /tmp/hp directory.
3) Type /opt/hpservices/jre/bin/java CheckCon na

You should see output showing an attempt to reach
the port it used.
Example: # /opt/hpservices/jre/bin/java CheckCon na
Will attempt to connect to URL with these specs:
Protocol: http
Host Name:
Port: 80
Path Name: /mots/motserv
Query: null
Reference: null
User Info: null
Proxy Host: null
Proxy Port: null
Proxy Login: null
Proxy Psswd: null

Good luck
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Frauke Denker_2
Esteemed Contributor

Re: ISEE and Proxy, need to confirm something.

Hello Richard,
you should enter the proxy port that is used for the proxy service on you proxy server, if you have more than one port, you can choose any from the ISEE point of view. ISEE just expects a proxy reply on that port. If there is no firewall between the ISEE host and the proxy your network team will not have to open any other port. If there is a firmwall the ISEE software has to pass before reaching the proxy, the proxy port has to be open on the firewall.
If you do not enter a proxy ISEE will communicate directly to HP means in your case probably to using port 80.
Port 5060 is just the port where you can reach the UI. This has nothing to do with the data transfer!
Richard Pereira_1
Regular Advisor

Re: ISEE and Proxy, need to confirm something.


Thanks for confirming my suspicions.