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ISEE client A.03.95 fills up /var/opt/runner/logs


ISEE client A.03.95 fills up /var/opt/runner/logs


My 11iV2 system running ISEE client A.03.95, its /var/opt/runner/logs directory filled up.

What would cause ISEE to generate all those logfiles.

Ike Leong
Kent Ostby
Honored Contributor

Re: ISEE client A.03.95 fills up /var/opt/runner/logs

What type of entries are in the logfiles?
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Re: ISEE client A.03.95 fills up /var/opt/runner/logs

Hello Kent;

Unfortunely my peer cleared out the logs.

Dave Unverhau_1
Honored Contributor

Re: ISEE client A.03.95 fills up /var/opt/runner/logs


Normally, runner logs shouldn't grow very large. Runner is an availability data collector that uses the ISEE transport to report availability status to the HP support backend. Do you have ISEE connectivity to the HP backend? (Is ISEE installed and entitled properly)

If this occurs again, a call to the HP Response Center would be in order.

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