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ISEE client (in DMZ) to SPOP communication

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ISEE client (in DMZ) to SPOP communication


My HP 11.11 machine is in DMZ and want to register it to SPOP. Please advise the changes in firewall to require communication to happen.
This is what I've found from the ISEE document.
(If you are not using a Web proxy server, you must open your firewall to allow
communication over port 80. The ISEE client software uses port 80 to send encrypted
data to HP and to receive acknowledgements and information in response to requests
from the ISEE client software.)

Question: Open tcp/80 from ISEE client to SPOP? Is this information enough for the firewall team or do i need anything else?
There is always something new to learn everyday !!

Re: ISEE client (in DMZ) to SPOP communication

Hallo Pupil

the tcp/80 should be enough. You can test the connection on the client browser:


Regards, Uli
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Re: ISEE client (in DMZ) to SPOP communication

Many Thanks Uli...

It's going to take some time for me to confirm that it was enough. If i find anything more later, I'll upate the thread.

N.B I'm assigning your piece of pie !

There is always something new to learn everyday !!