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ISEE client installation on Windows 2003 32bit and 64bit AMD servers

Frequent Advisor

ISEE client installation on Windows 2003 32bit and 64bit AMD servers

ISEE client downloaded: he currently latest/greates downloadable version is

"MS Windows ISEE Client A.3.95.500.24 19 May, 2006"
from link below


Installation manual used:

http://sstwww.fc.hp.com/ISEE/client/A.03.95.500client.pdf dated june, 2006

The section "Verifying the Microsoft Client JVM Requirements" on
page 96 does not tell if there is a difference for java-SW on 32 or 64bit platforms.

It only states:

....However, the JRE is no longer available from Microsoft and is
not installed on some Windows platforms (such as Windows 2003).

...On 64 bit systems running Windows 2003, the jview.exe file should be under:
If it is not there, I expext the jview.exe to be installed (manually) via msjavx86.exe from the WIN iSEE Client SW package.

My Questions:

1) Does this procedure work for 64 Bit WIN Platforms as well?

2) is there any difference in SW jview.exe between 32bit and 64bit?

2) In other words: is the only available ISEE-WINClient SW valid for 32Bit AND 64Bit platforms including the included java SW?

3) Is there any special handling needed for WIN 64Bit platforms?

4) Is there any special handling needed for WIN Itanium platforms? In terms of ISEE client version, Java prequisites?

5) The ISEE client available for Windows is compatible?

the above configuration is planned in Advanced setup. Can we configure this client alone for Modle-3 setup with existing Modle-1 clients reporting to SPOP with OSEM.