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Re: ISEE configuration

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ISEE configuration

I have set up ISEE on an SMA with EVA 4000.
All the test are good. IM test, wsea, OSEM test.
then I am receiving an e-mail saying that the configuration is wrong. Although I have received the right entitlement e-mail.

the e-mail is:
"We have received a problem report for system "MGTPRDEVA001" and unfortunately, we are unable to identify any valid contractual or warranty commitment for this system using the contract identifier, serial number or product number information supplied in the problem report. As a result, the level of service supplied may not be in line with your expectations."

Any Idea,

I might have set up the wrong Company details, is it the problem ?
I have setup the different company information since we are doing support for the client and I want all the information sent to my e-mail not to the client, since We will be doing the support.
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Re: ISEE configuration

It does not matter what address or company you enter into ISEE - what is important is the unique system identifier you entered. This is what ties the piece of equipment to its support level.

The support level for the hardware is based on the "contract identifier, serial number or product number information" supplied when you configured ISEE. I have run across several instances where HP support services does not have a record of the purchased/warranty support for a piece of equipment, and received the same error message as you. I actually had to have my client contact their HP sales rep, and have them work with him to get the support level straightened out.

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Re: ISEE configuration

I will do that, do you have any e-mail where I can send my query?
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Re: ISEE configuration


The only suggestion I have is to find out from the client where/how they purchased the equipment.

Then you will to contact that reseller to verify the warranty/purchased support level on the equipment. Once you have determined that the equipment should be under support, you will need to have the reseller work with their HP rep to get it straightened out.

It is a very convoluted process that takes time to get straight. It was much easier in the past when you could buy direct from a HP rep........
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Re: ISEE configuration

Problem solved, I was putting the wrong information, i was putting the Serial Number of the EVA I should put the serial number of the SMA instead.