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ISEE e-mail notification

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Occasional Contributor

ISEE e-mail notification

Hi all,

When we first installed ISEE I used to get e-mail notification of any hardware problems. This seems to have stopped working.

We are running ISEE on hpux11.00, the version is shown below (extract from swlist):
ISEEPlatform A.03.00.030 ISEE Platform

The incidents seem to be being raised with HP, but they don't seem to be being sent to my e-mail address.

Can you tell me

1) Where do you define where e-mails are sent?
2) what process controls the sending of e-mail notification?

Thanks in advance,
Sung Oh
Respected Contributor

Re: ISEE e-mail notification

here is FTP site for ISEE client installation doc.

ISEE advanced doc

I hope this helps,

Liem Nguyen
Honored Contributor

Re: ISEE e-mail notification


To setup Email Notification:
1. Logon to ISEE (http://hostname:5060/start.html)

2. Select Configuration options/Notifications.

3. Select the Notification you would like to receive, then Submit.

NOTE 1: You are running on an obsolted ISEE version, please upgrade to the supported version. You can download ISEE from:, select Instant Support Enterprise Edition.

NOTE 2: With the current version, under Notifications, there are 4 boxes, with the older versions, you only have 3 boxes.

Hope this helps,
Occasional Contributor

Re: ISEE e-mail notification

Thanks for the replies guys, the docs were very useful.

It looks like the problem was caused by an change to our proxy server IP address and the wrong notification alerts were selected.

I'm going to take your advice and update the version of ISEE that we are running as it has the extra notification option in it (send e-mail when an alert is raised with HP)

Occasional Contributor

Re: ISEE e-mail notification