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ISEE on HP VM environment


ISEE on HP VM environment

I'm running HP Virtual Machines. Should I install ISEE on the VM host only or also on the VM guests?
I suppose monitoring the VM host will report errors affecting the VM guests as well. Am I right?
Dave Unverhau_1
Honored Contributor

Re: ISEE on HP VM environment


I haven't yet worked with a VM environment, but I would expect that you would want to install it on the host only. It depends on where the event monitor resides, as this is what feeds ISEE.

If the VM host manages all of the hardware resources, then the hardware event monitor and ISEE should probably reside there, as well.

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anthony melling
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Re: ISEE on HP VM environment

Hello Dave ,
I have a similar request for running isee within a VM architecture . For my perspective I would have thought it useful to run isee to be able to gather config information regarding the software running in the guest . As you say though the hardware monitoring would be done by the host .

Re: ISEE on HP VM environment

Found out from the Top Ten Configuration Issues for Integrity Virtual Machines
that ISEE should be run on the VM host only:

#10 â Do Not Use Hardware Monitoring Tools in a VM
Symptoms: Functionality
Hardware monitoring applications running in the guest will provide information about virtual devices
â at best. These results are not reliable due to the virtualization of hardware by Integrity VM.
Prevention and Treatment
All hardware monitoring tools should be run on the VM Host.

Anthony, don't know exactly what you mean by "gather config information regarding the software running in the guest" but if you mean the config info that can be sent in to eSMG I guess you could remove the OnlineDiag and install ISEE bundle to get that fuctionality. Otherwise you might be looking for cfg2html.