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ISEE question

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ISEE question

I need to install ISEE on 5 HP-UX machines and 1 SMA.

I want to send the events to HP for the HP-UX machines the Windows Machine and the EVA.
Will I need an osem and WEBES?
I guess they are required? aren't they?
As described in the isee guide, Model 1 works for windows if you have either TopTools or osem.
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Re: ISEE question

Hello Simon,

- On the HP-UX systems actually EMS and an ISEE client is being used.
-EVA: For the error reporting and analyzing install WEBES V4.5 on its Windows machine. Some SAN switches are also being covered by WEBES.
- SAN switches: You can install OSEM onto the same Windows system for the SAN switches, which can send SNMP traps.
- This Windows system: Install the Insight agent. Let this agent target to that OSEM too.
The ISEE client installed on this Windows system sends the service requests of WEBES and OSEM to HP.
Please check, that your SMA is also covered in the contract database.