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ISEE vs Insight Manager

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Howard Jares
Occasional Contributor

ISEE vs Insight Manager

I work in a group that is responsible for managing>150 proliants running various flavours for Windows. We use the integrated Insight Manager agents with an Insight Manager server to monitor and manage these devices.
Is there a functional comparison online?
What is the official HP position of the two products?
Will ISEE replace IM?
IM has been a free value added tool that differentiates HP from the competition. It was an important feature in the selection
Is this the long term vision for ISEE?
When should you use IM and when should you use ISEE?
These questions are not simple, but neither is rippig out our IM infrastructure and replacing it with ISEE.

Re: ISEE vs Insight Manager

Howard - the two technologies can co-exist and indeed, the remote monitoring and reporting technology (ISEE) relies on the Insight Manager Agents to function correctly with Proliants.
When setup, your current Insight Manager Application which currently monitors managed machines through the Proliant Agents, will also report when ISEE has logged a call.
As time goes on, the products will integrate more closely.
You can download the ISEE client software for free here:

I am an HP employee
Frank Alden Smith
Trusted Contributor

Re: ISEE vs Insight Manager


As for HP's long-range vision of ISEE ... I think you will find that embodied in another FREE Enterprise management tool -- HP Systems Insight Manager. HP-SIM is tightly integrated with OSEM and ISEE producing detailed hardware event reports, including links from the hardware event report that allow you to view the event from the perspective of OSEM and ISEE. Moreover, HP-SIM combines the best features of IM7 and TopTools, giving you more powerful management tools than either did on their own. You can download HP-SIM from the HP Software Portal ...

In addition the download site (above) gives you more detailed information about HP-SIM's rich feature set.

Did I mention that HP-SIM is free and easy to install on a Windows 2000 management station?

Take care,
All knowing is doing.
Howard Jares
Occasional Contributor

Re: ISEE vs Insight Manager

OK...HP is trying to help me simplify the management of my systems. Not with one, two but three (really four if you count OpenView) solutions.
I don't mean to sound unappreciative, but I do have alot of other work to do rather than do a comparative analysis of these 3 products to determine what will work best for me. There really is no way HP could develop a comparative matrix? All three teams are part of the same company...

My inistitution is very interested in MOM2005. Will any of them provide integration to MOM 2005?
Mark Robinson_6
Occasional Visitor

Re: ISEE vs Insight Manager

Hi Howard,

I'm afraid I don't know much about MOM, so here's hoping someone else reading this thread can advise you on this.

As regards the absence of a comparative matrix for the 3 products mentioned, I suspect that one does not exist as the three products do different jobs although they all tie-in together.

CIM7 and its replacement HP SIM allows you to monitor your intranet with graphical/colour coded representations of the monitored devices along with the ability to run tasks such as remote ROM upgrades. All events are flagged and can be of various severities.

OSEM is realy an SNMP filter and is designed to be used as either a standalone (no remote connection required) SNMP based service tool or with ISEE. OSEM performs reactive and proactive service event analysis. Event data is captured from SNMP traps and notification provided via email (SMTP). Only those events that are in the ruleset filter are passed on for notification.

ISEE is really a suite of additional products that come in various configurations which basically come down to automatic call logging with HP.

In your situation where you currently run CIM7 for monitoring, then adding automatic call logging (ISEE) would save you time and if configured, you would still get notification. The OSEM part is needed because you have Proliants.

The way forward for you would be to at some point install/migrate to HP SIM for the monitoring piece - meanwhile install an instance of OSEM on the CIM7/HP SIM machine then install the ISEE client software on your Proliants for the automatic call logging to HP.

This should allow you to spend time on the MOM integration that your institution uses.

Hope this is of some use.

Re: ISEE vs Insight Manager

Hi Howard,

Mark really concluded the HP Side of your question.

Regarding whether to third party monitoring (MOM or NETIQ), the only thing in which you will gain is the ability of the third party application to interact directly with the HP Insight agents in which installed on your HP equipment (Proliant server,Storage...), and to have all events cosolidated in your third part dashboard ! This will save you management time since you will not need to double check both CIM/SIM dashboard and the third party application dashboard...

I heard there are new features in Netiq6 regarding CIM/SIM integration modules, I guess this would also correspond to MOM since MOM was and still being written by NETIQ Engineers with Microsoft Engineers :-)

Leader in HP/Compaq Technologies