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Import information to the Remote Support database.

Per J (WSP SE)
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Import information to the Remote Support database.



I have a new installation of IRS and HP SIM.


IRS sites and I have somewhere around 70-100 sites and some 4-500 servers. All site information is available in other corporate systems.


Now what I wonder if it would be possible to import that information to IRS, because using the web based forms would be very tedious and probably prone to faults.



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Re: Import information to the Remote Support database.

There is a command line tool called "rsadmin" that will allow you to manipulate all server records in IRS.


I have the same situation - hundreds of sites (that are already in SIM/IRSA). 


Basically, the easiest thing to do is run "rsadmin unload -file <path/file>.csv" which will dump every IRS record to a CSV file so you can see the format.  Then, just edit the file to update the records you want (including site, address, etc) and use the same command (use "rsadmin load" instead of "unload").  It takes a few minutes.  If you have any errors that cause the import to fail, you can scan the rsmain log file to see what line number caused your issue. 


I am doing this procedure every day while loading up my IRS instance.  I basically discover all my servers, dump the CSV file, edit it, and import it to merge the site data.



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Re: Import information to the Remote Support database.

Hi guys,

I'm in exactly the same situation. I was stunned to discover yesterday that SIM and Remote Support don't share the same database or easily cross share device information. I attempted an export out of HPSIM however had issues with the zip it creates.

So I'll likely follow the same method of adding subnets to Remote Support, exporting data, cleaning up, then re-importing.

thanks for the pointers.