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Incidents stopped with Case status "Submitted"

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Incidents stopped with Case status "Submitted"


I have problem with some installation of RSP.
If I do a test event (wccproxy test or SNMP trap event) the events passed thru Webes or OSEM to Remote Support Client and is forwarded to HP Backend.
But if I look in SIM under the collection "All HP Service Events" all events stopped with case status "Submitted".
At another customer events stopped with case status "Other".

Is there some flowchart so I can understand how the event is sent to HP.
What is needed for the case status is changed from "Submitted" to "Recieved"??

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/Micke Ch
Brad Cunningham
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Re: Incidents stopped with Case status "Submitted"

I would suspect that your incident might not be making it to HP. You might want to check your proxy setting if you are using one.

Submitted means the client attempted to send it to HP.

Other states would include received and closed. These are status updates by the HP side as an incident makes its way through the system.

You might try to browse to to see if you can connect successfully to HP's backend.

You should get a response back similar to this

If nothing comes back you have a communication problem

You may want to review the iseeclient.log which contains information about support and test event submittals

Also, the submitProxiedincidents.log may also provide some clues.

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Re: Incidents stopped with Case status "Submitted"

When in HP-SIM (service events) the state of "Service Event Source" is "Remote Support" and an incident is being displayed in "Service Incident Identifier assigned to the incident report by the ISEE client." the incident has been sucessfully submitted to the HP backend.
The same incident number is also visible in WEBES.
Test the connection also in RSP by "Test Data Submittal" - expected: "Successfully created the test event". (incident number can be found in C:\Program Files\HP\RemoteSupport\logs\submitIncident.log
Select your CMS and do a "Identify Systems..."
Regards, Werner