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Insight / DL360G5 / Windows 2003


Insight / DL360G5 / Windows 2003


Wonder if someone can point me in the right direction...

Just setup a DL360G5 with Windows 2003 Server.. Installed the latest Insight Agents 8.3..

I setup my contact email in the Event Viewer Config program.., and send out a test trap message.., and it works fine.. I get the mail..

If I then go to the Web front end and login to the Homepage.., under Settings I can send a test trap again..., this too works fine...

Now, if I reboot the server..., I would expect to get an email of some kind that tells me the server has been down then back up..., is that correct..., as I don't...

I know with SBS 2003 and Insight I get all kinds of trap info..., but I'm not sure if under Windows 2003 the alerting is different..., or.., I've missed something..

Any help would be great.., basically, I want the server to alert me if anything fails or if it gets rebooted..

Thanks in advance...
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Re: Insight / DL360G5 / Windows 2003

I'm not sure if I get events like this from the agents at my site. One sure way to do it that works for me is to configure the iLO to send SNMP traps to the CMS. It will report any hardware reset or reboot, and you don't need any agents to be running.


Re: Insight / DL360G5 / Windows 2003

That soundS like a good idea... Would I need to configure that from Bios or can I do it from the OS...?