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Insight Online after warranty expired

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Insight Online after warranty expired


I just bought a MicroServer Gen8 and have a stupid question about the Remote Support in iLO4.
If I register that server in Remote Support Online and the warranty expires, will I still be able to monitor that one (just without support or spare parts dispatch) or will it just "disappear" until I buy an additional support package?
Haven't found anything about it in the internet.

Thanks in advance for your help!

Best regards

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Re: Insight Online after warranty expired

Hello Eyco,

When a device's warranty or contract entitlement expires, remote support monitoring is no longer active until that device's entitlement is renewed.  The device will still be visible in Insight Online, however, no new service events will be viewable.

I'm not aware of any documentation that specifically defines this behavior. However there are remote support documents that do say active entitlement is required.

Here's some resource documentation, if you don't have a copy yet:


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