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Insight RSA - ESX 4.0u1 servers are not listed

Jamie Ketskemety
Occasional Advisor

Insight RSA - ESX 4.0u1 servers are not listed


Insight RSA 5.50/SIM 6.2 - I have two ESX4.0 u1 servers (installed with HP ESX distribution) which are not listed in Insight RSA.

They are listed in SIM ok with the correct entitlement information.

Is due to the version of ESX that is installed and that I will need to upgrade ESX to either 4.0u2 or ESX 4.1 before they are supported by RSA?

Esteemed Contributor

Re: Insight RSA - ESX 4.0u1 servers are not listed

Did you check the support matrix?
If it is not written that it is not supported,
I would open a HW call on the SIM Server HW with the topic RSP/Tools. HP should be able to tell you if you have an known problem.
It could be that some of the system parameters are not correct in this case the system will not be in the support eligible list and you can not see it in the remote support entitlement list.

You can also check the system credentials
you need to have WBEM/WMI SNMP SSH access to your ESX server. and your PSP for ESX should be installed. (also a support matrix issue)