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Insight RSA Service Heath Communication Failures

Jamie Ketskemety
Occasional Advisor

Insight RSA Service Heath Communication Failures

I have Insight RSA 5.50 installed on a Windows 2008 R2 Server (with SIM 6.2).

On the Service Heath page, it reports some communication failures:-

1. Windows 2003 R2 Server - WBEM communication failure. (SNMP ok)
2. SIM CMS server - ELMC communication failure. (SNMP and WBEM ok).

How do I correct these errors? The server that has the WBEM failure is identical to three other servers which are ok. Also, I can browse to the system page of this server and the WBEM information is showing ok.

Esteemed Contributor

Re: Insight RSA Service Heath Communication Failures

Just after you started up the WEBES desta_service it could be that you can get such a Health state.

WBEM 1: Are you able to connect to port 5989 from your management server? Check the SIM Credential for this server (From the System page of the server->Tools Tab->System credential). If you do not see credential for the WBEM/WMI communication you should check for possible firewalls or you had the wrong WBEM credential.

ELMC 2: Perhaps your wccproxy Service is no longer running. You can check if the service is running with the cmd command "wccproxy status". Even a better test is "wccproxy test" this command will trigger the hole alarming chain. A test event is sent to HP an closed at HP.

If you have a lot of servers you should open a HW call at HP explaining that your RSA is not working correct. Remote support is now shipped together with a log file collection utility which allows HP support to analyze the case much faster as in the past.