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Insight Remote Support
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Insight Remote Suppor Advance managed Centos 5.X

Occasional Contributor

Insight Remote Suppor Advance managed Centos 5.X

Have anybody use Insight Remote Support Advanced managed Linux Centos 5.X or Redhat Enterprise 4 or Redhat Enterprise 5.

I have test HP IRS advanced managed Centos 5, HP SIM add success , but IRS advanced entitlement and Webes can not look Centos 5.X.

I have test snmp trap is ok, HP SIM can get snmp trap message from Centos 5.X .

Have anybody can help me!!
Esteemed Contributor

Re: Insight Remote Suppor Advance managed Centos 5.X

We have managed XenServer 5.6 working fine they are based on CentOS 5.x. Our SIM Server / HP IRSA is running on Windows. We are able to forward the SMH test traps over IRSA to HP.

If you are able to send the test trap from the system management home page to your SIM server you only need to verify that your linux server has the serial number/ Product number / country code / contact person and site defined in the system property page.

If the SMH test trap does not reach the SIM server you need to follow the instruction at the bottom of the system management page
https://managed_system:2381 -> settings ->SNMP settings