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Insight Remote support 7.0.5 & esxi

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Insight Remote support 7.0.5 & esxi


I just migrated our installation to 7.0.5. Now we have a problem with the esxi 5 machines we have. They are recognized correctly using wbem but the Server Basic Configuration Collection keeps giving errors beacause it can't connect on snmpv1 wich is obvious because esxi 5 doesn't support snmp. Is there any way to prevent RSS from using snmp for these machines? 

The configured credentials only show wbem and when I remove the system from rss and re-discover it the same thing happens

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Re: Insight Remote support 7.0.5 & esxi

Unfortunately, there is not a way to configure the default Insight-RS setup to not attempt the SNMP data collection for your ESXi endpoints.  There is a workaround for this, but it requires you to manually manage the collection service device membership, so you'll want to wait until you are done with your initial discovery actions and make a note for any future devices you add to Insight-RS. 


Basically, you disable the default 'Server Basic Configuration' collection (where devices are automatically added) and create your own which includes the set of endpoints in the default collection minus the ESXi devices.


  1. Navigate to Collection Services
  2. Under the 'List of Collection Schedules' in the left-hand menu, scroll down and highlight the 'Server Basic Configuration Collection Schedule'
  3. Uncheck the 'Enabled' box at the top of the main pane and save the schedule - this will disable your default scheduled data collection.
  4. Make note of the devices listed on the bottom pane (the section titled 'On These Devices').
  5. In the left-hand menu, select the 'Add New Schedule' button
  6. Enter your schedule name and choose the collection type, Server Basic Configuration Collection.  Select the day and time of the month that you want the schedule to run.
  7. In the bottom pane (' On These Devices') select the devices that were in the default collection schedule minus the ESXi systems.
  8. Select the 'Save Schedule' button

This will set up your own basic collection schedule to run as normal, leaving out the ESXi systems.


Finally, to clear out the 'red x' status from your ESXi devices, you navigate to the Devices view and select the 'Monitoring & Collections' tab - for each ESXi device, click the 'red x' in the Basic Collection column and clear out each of the monitoring status entries.




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Re: Insight Remote support 7.0.5 & esxi

So this means also that you cannot make collection from servers who are running ESXi??

Which means that if you have ESXi servers in your environment you should not install IRS 7.0.5 if you want collection to work.


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/Micke Christenson

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Re: Insight Remote support 7.0.5 & esxi

Well, to be clear, there is no version of Insight-RS (v5 or v7) that supports ESXi data collections.




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Stefano Colombo
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Re: Insight Remote support 7.0.5 & esxi

I really don't understand how HP is still releasing its monitoring software so full of BUG.

It must be very complicate to use only the protocols configured in the "host" properties instead of trying SNMP whatever you try to configure the host.


I also tried the workaround suggested "disable the default basic collection" and creating a new basic collection , but SNMP is still used .


HP's esxi images have the required software for wbem support ,so I thought it would be possible to use it in RS7.05

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Re: Insight Remote support 7.0.5 & esxi

ESXi 5.0 and also 5.1 supports snmp, but is disabled by default. You can enable it by powercli or esxi shell.


Powercli syntax is:

esxcli system snmp set –communities hpirs
esxcli system snmp set –targets
esxcli system snmp set –enable true
esxcli system snmp test


You also need to enable ESXi firewall rule SNMP Server, which allow incoming UDP connections to port 161. After you configure snmp on ESXi, IRS collections works.