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Install RSP related patches/agents in Oracle RAC servers

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Install RSP related patches/agents in Oracle RAC servers

Hi, I am going to migrate ISEE (with SPOP) to RSP in a HP-UX environment. I knew that I have to install some RSP related patches and agents on the HP-UX servers in order to let them be monitored by the CMS, I would like to understand if there is any potential impact on my production Oracle RAC servers.

As far as I know, Oracle RAC clustered servers require equal patch level in order to keep it stable (am I correct?). So after I installed the patches and agents to server A, would the period before I install those stuffs to server B affect the stability of the Oracle RAC, due to the patch level differences?


One more question, I can't afford stop the ISEE service on my HP-UX servers, but meanwhile, I also cannot afford a one-day-migration, such that I have to monitor the stability of the systems at least a week after applied those patches and agents before switch the SPOP to CMS. Can both ISEE agent (still running) and RSP agent co-exist on the same server?

Thanks a lot in advance!
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Re: Install RSP related patches/agents in Oracle RAC servers

Hi Daniel,
Check the HP-UX patching with your HP support.
Prepare your CMS, add all managed device and do the entitlement check. Now the necessary modifications could be done on one HP-UX system, being checked. When everything is ok, you can migtrate the next one.
Regards, Werner
Olivier Masse
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Re: Install RSP related patches/agents in Oracle RAC servers

I couldn't say about RAC, but since you're obviously running in a mission critical environment, I strongly advise that you ask HP to help you perform this upgrade as they'll have the experience and hooks at the reponse center if they need help. It might be free depending on the type of service contract you have, which is probably a critical one, since you have an SPOP.

While recent releases of 11.31 work pretty much flawlessly right out of the box, I've had my share of problems with 11.23 that requires a lot of patches and updates to be installed, in a specific order. I've had especially some issues with CIM repository corruption, and these are hard to fix.

The RSP install guide asks you to remove ISEE before starting the upgrade, so it cannot co-exist with RSP. I suggest you prepare a "plan B" to be able to monitor your servers manually in case there is a problem it takes a few days for RSP to work correctly in your environment.

Good luck

Re: Install RSP related patches/agents in Oracle RAC servers

This thread can be closed and thanks for all your help!!!