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Installing and configuring ISEE client on HP-UX11.0

Dilip Kumar_3
Occasional Visitor

Installing and configuring ISEE client on HP-UX11.0

I have installed ISEE client on the HP-UX box, after downloading the .depot file from the hp-software-depot site. I am facing some problems which I list below:
1. The output of
# swlist -l product ISEEPlatform does not list ISEEPlatform.Isee_EmsListener.
While installing ISEE Platform we did not receive any error. An older version of EMS was installed on this machine, after ISEE was installed we upgraded to this version of Event Monitoring Service.

2. Assuming the above installation to be correct, I am trying to configure ISEE through browser.
I give the address as that takes me to a page (see attached file) where I need to enter contact information and System Handle. I do not (nor does my local IT) know what is the System Handle to be entered here.

3. I do not know, where I have to specify the server-address ( to which ISEE client should contact.

4. Further, assuming that everything is installed and configured correctly, how can I know that the client in passing events to an ISEE server.

Please help me in resolving these issues. Thanks for your help.
Stefan Stechemesser
Honored Contributor

Re: Installing and configuring ISEE client on HP-UX11.0


1.) Most likely is a missing dependency for the fileset ISEEPlatform.Isee_EmsListener. This fileset depends on a correct installed diagnostics from at least Dec. 2001 (B.11.00.19.xx??in swlist or run "cstm", version number should be at least A.29.00). Of cause, the EMS filesets are also a dependency of the EMSlistener ...
You can check for other needed patches on:

!!! ISEE will never report any hardware errors without the fileset ISEEPlatform.Isee_EmsListener installed and the process "rstlistener" running. !!!

2.) ISEE will only run on customer systems with a valid contract. The System Handle is the Contract ID related to your contract. Call your HP Contract Contact if you do not have the System Handle. Without a contract, ISEE will never run. In this case, use EMS instead. See also:

3.) You MUST NOT specify a server address unless you have the advanced ISEE configuration with a SPOP (Support Point of Precence, a PC running a ISEE server). HP decides which customer will get an advanced configuration depending on the contract volume.
The standart ISEE server for your region is automatically set by ISEE depending on the country information you entered in the user interface.

4.) The incidents, that are shown in the user interface should have a status "received" or "closed". These status can only be reached after a two way communication with the ISEE server was successfully established.
The Connectivity can be checked with:

The output should be something like:

Directly submitting service request... Created new incident for vendor HP_Services 1060474315.0@hostname

You can check the open incidents section in the user interface for status changes of the incident.

To test the EMS framework, you could run:

/etc/opt/resmon/lbin/send_test_event disk_em

This should emulate a disk failure (check /var/opt/resmon/log/event.log and rst.log) which should also create an incident that will be automatically closed by the ISEE Server.

I hope this helps,

best regards

Dilip Kumar_3
Occasional Visitor

Re: Installing and configuring ISEE client on HP-UX11.0

Hi Stefen:
Thank you for replying. This is to let you know that your answer was very helpful and very much appreciated.