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Is 2MB of data sent every 10 mins normal?

Toby Seely
Occasional Contributor

Is 2MB of data sent every 10 mins normal?

I have noticed that every 10 mins ISEE sends 2MB of data to HP. There are no open incidents listed in ISEE and it is only used to monitor 2 EVA's.

The MAD log shows the following every 10 mins:

180906 11:35:44.327 DEBUG,[Comm] no messages
180906 11:35:44.327 DEBUG,[Comm] 2 events in the queue
180906 11:45:44.350 DEBUG,[Comm] Comm::receive: HP_Services
180906 11:45:44.350 DEBUG,[Comm] listing messages
180906 11:45:44.350 DEBUG,[Comm] LIST
180906 11:45:44.350 STDOUT,[Comm] httpRequest:
180906 11:45:44.350 DEBUG,[Comm] httpRequest: URL:
180906 11:45:44.350 DEBUG,[Comm] Opening new connection...
180906 11:45:46.178 INFO,[Comm] STATUS: 200
180906 11:45:46.444 INFO,[Comm] payload_type: QACK

Does anyone know if this is normal behaviour?

It seems to me that it's a lot of data for a system with no faults to communicate but I'm open to other views...

Liem Nguyen
Honored Contributor

Re: Is 2MB of data sent every 10 mins normal?

Hi Toby,

No, it's not normal for a Server to send 2MB data every 10 minutes, there may be something wrong.

Make sure your Server is able to communicate with the backend by sending a test incident.

Your Server should poll the backend every 10 minutes for updates, however, this just just a few bytes.

May be something get stuck and it keeps trying to send again and again.