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MAD-process is running wild


MAD-process is running wild


We have a problem with the MAD-process on our ISEE-Clients (HPUX-Servers with 11.0, 11.11 and 11.23 installed). The MAD-process is running wild after a couple of weeks or months (it differs). It eat´s very much CPU-performance. When I want to stop ISEE with /sbin/init.d/hpservices stop , I get the error-message: "ERROR: unable to stop daemon. You will need to kill it". The MAD-process were stopped, but the EMS-process is still running. I have to kill it.
We are running ISEE with the version A.03.50.854

Does anyone have an idea?

M.J. van der Meer
Frequent Advisor

Re: MAD-process is running wild

Hi Jörn,

We had the same problem on several boxes. Because of the cpu consumption we did not start ISEE again for performance reasons. We did not find anything to resolve the problem, so for the time being we removed ISEE from the boxes.