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Managed server generates events that aren't there.

Peter Windey
Occasional Advisor

Managed server generates events that aren't there.


After a migration of HP SIM 6.2 / IRSA 5.50 from a win2k3 server to a win2k8 VM one specific server keeps creating service incidents and opening a support case at HP with mails like this to the contact person

Event Name: A Service Incident has been reported (Type 4).
URL: https://:2381/
Event originator: Event Severity: Critical
Event received: 09-Feb-2011, 11:37:45
Event description: This event will be sent any time a service incident is reported. A service incident is generated when it is determined that a serviceable event has occurred based upon analysis of system-initiated events. User Action: Refer to the Recommended Action under the event details section.

It concerns a fan that has supposedly failed but there is nothing wrong on the system. Also the events do not show in the "events" tab for that server in HP SIM

Is there anything in the migration process that might have triggered this or what would otherwise be a good course of action to find the root cause of this issue?
Esteemed Contributor

Re: Managed server generates events that aren't there.

Check the ILO interface for a IML entry for the problem which was not cleared.

You do not need to see an Event inside SIM to get the service event. WEBES generates normally the Service Event after it has received an SNMP Trap or a WBEM indication from a monitored system. An older source for service event was OSEM no longer used but sometime not removed after upgrades.

If you want to see the WBEM indications inside SIM you need to subscribe WBEM events in the option->events sub menu.

You check the system management home page (SMH) of the monitored server to see if WBEM is your data source. (Header top right)