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Missing external event subscriptions

Records Management
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Missing external event subscriptions

I just started rolling my 11.23 systems to SIM/RSP.

I noticed after upgrading all of the various pieces such as SFM, providers, Online diags, etc, the following. When I run a 'evweb subscribe -L -b external', I don't see the usual five subscriptions, only two. I'm talking about the EMS_INTERNAL... ones. I know that there should be five of the EMS_INTERNAL, as I just finished my 11.31 servers, and even half of my 11.23 servers so far have five.

The SIM subscriptions (HPSIMxxxx_0 and _1, and the WEBES aren't there yet as I haven't added the server to SIM.

I even tried removing all the providers, diags, ems, etc, and readded. But same effect.

Does anyone know if there is something else that needs to be removed/reinstalled/reset?
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Re: Missing external event subscriptions

And, another question just popped into my head.

Is there a way to totally clean out the entire software parts & pieces that SFM ends up using? Maybe that is the answer, start totally clean and build from there.
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Re: Missing external event subscriptions


Have you subscribe the WBEM events in HP SIM,

If it is successfully subscribed in HP SIM
then you will get External subscription in server.

Shall i know whether it is PA-RISC or Integrity server you are using for 11.23

Frauke Denker_2
Esteemed Contributor

Re: Missing external event subscriptions

Do a sfmconfig -t -a. I guess that only two events are generated. The numer of events and therefor the number of subscriptions listed as EMS_INTERNAL depend on the system type and the OS. I assume that this is a PA RISC system.
Frank Alden Smith
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Re: Missing external event subscriptions

Please take a look at this thread for a solution to your missing subscription problem.

Take care,
All knowing is doing.
Records Management
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Re: Missing external event subscriptions

Subscribing to WEBES (WBEM) isn't what I'm talking about. This is before the server is added to SIM and WEBES, which adds the WEBES & HPSIMxxx_0/HPSIMxxx_1 subscriptions.

Frauke, yes this is a PA-RISC, an rp3410. And yes, it only generates two test messages, where I'm used to five. Is only two normal? and if so, is that documented anywhere so we as customers would now what is normal, and what is not?

Frank, your suggestion is for the WEBES subscription, which I can create from SIM/WEBES without any problem.