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Monitoring WEBES functionalities.

Rafael Rondina Turi
Occasional Visitor

Monitoring WEBES functionalities.

Hello all.

Several times I got my WEBES not working correctly. I got a failing disk in my EVA but the WEBES + RSP didn’t notify HP to open a case automatically. Monitoring the service health is not enough.

What I want to do is to find a way to monitor the WEBES + RSP functionality. Maybe SCOM 2007 could send a notification to the SCOM agent and it runs a WEBES test command and sends the results direct to my SCOM Central Server. There I have the Storage Works MP + WebesListener which would interpret the test event and take any action in case of fail.

Does someone have any idea about it?

Thanks you very much.

Olivier Masse
Honored Contributor

Re: Monitoring WEBES functionalities.

Want to know what I actually did a few years ago? I wrote an SSSU script that monitors the health of my EVAs and sends an e-mail directly to me if there's a yellow flag.

All the monitoring tools were flaky back then, and with RSP it's not necessarily better. That script is the only backup solution I found to help me keep the few hair I've got left.

If that's not your kind of solution you can check if desta_service is up on the CMS, along with the wccproxy service on the SMS, but that will not guarantee that the monitoring actually works since RSP is 20% dependent on the tools, and 80% on the configuration of these tools.

Generating dummy events could be another solution but that's a manual process. Furthermore, to my knowledge, there is no way to do it directly from the HSV controllers, the lowest I could get is with a "wccproxy test" on the SMS and it's not complete, end-to-end test. I can't confirm with "wccproxy test" wether WEBES actually does its job, and logs on Command View to extract data.

Good luck
Rafael Rondina Turi
Occasional Visitor

Re: Monitoring WEBES functionalities.

Thanks Olivier Masse, but it's not my case.

I'll keep the HP tools to monitor our SAN environment, but I want to keep an eye on these HP monitoring tools.
The SCOM almost fit my needs. The problem is that the WEBESListener doesn't receive INFO alerts. I would run the wsea test command and sent its results to WEBESListener, but it doesn't log INFO alerts.
Does anybody have any idea how to log INFO events by WEBESListener?
Thank you very much.