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Monitoring an MPX200 with IRS

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Monitoring an MPX200 with IRS

Hi Everyone, I try to discover an MPX200, (one of two) and the product description is correct - "StorageWorks MPX200 Multifunction Router". But even after I manually put in the serial number, product number and SAID number, it comes up as "not eligible" and Registration Status "Unknown". I did see something about this device being difficult with IRS 5.60/5.70. I just wonder if it is supported by IRS Any ideas?


Re: Monitoring an MPX200 with IRS

Hello, I have double checked in the 7.0.8. release notes, and unfortunately the MPX200 is one of the few products not yet supported with Insight RS7.  It is supported with Insight RSA V8.


The list of products supported with Insight RS7 will grow over time, but I can't give a date for the MPX200.  I know this is not what you wanted to hear, but at least it confirms why you are having issues with it.


- Lucy

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