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Mozilla and ISEE


Mozilla and ISEE

Can I use Mozilla to change/update my ISEE configurations? I'm having problems changing the notification email addresses and other info.

The mozilla version is 1.4 and was loaded via an HP depot.
Stefan Stechemesser
Honored Contributor

Re: Mozilla and ISEE


it should work with Mozialla, I testet it on my Windows XP PC with Mozilla 1.4.

You may have the problem on HPUX, that the @ char is on the keyboard only available with "alt-q" which quits the Mozilla Browser.
As a workaround, use copy&paste to insert "@" in input fields of Netscape/Mozilla Browsers.

Best regards


Re: Mozilla and ISEE

The first time that I set it up the email address went into the Motive interface correctly but now I want to change it and and can't get any email to work even changing it bact to the origional address.

There seems to be something wrong with the Motive interface.?
The Real MD
Valued Contributor

Re: Mozilla and ISEE

If your having issues with mozilla check cookies are allowed. From the menubar go to edit >> preferences >> security and privacy

I hope this helps