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Multi-Select Ability?

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Multi-Select Ability?

IRS 7.0.5 did a sync with SIM event after the box was unchecked.  Now I have 300+ devices when I only want 10!  How can I remove 290 devices easily?

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Re: Multi-Select Ability?



There is not a way to delete multiple devices in one step, but that may not be the best approach anyway. 


You may be better served by using the disable feature combined with the view filter to 'Show only enabled devices'.  The disable feature is used to flag devices that are within your discovery range (through SIM or Insight-RS configuration) but that you don't want to enable support automation.  Among other things, this will ensure that any subsequent discovery triggers won't cause the devices to reappear (as they would if you simply deleted them). 


To do this, navigate to the Devices->Device Summary view and scroll to the bottom of the table (just below the table proper) and select the 'Show only enabled devices' checkbox.  Then, de-select the checkboxes for the devices that you don't want and select the 'Update Enabled Status' button.  Since you have 300, you'll need to commit on a few different pages to get them all.  


Another approach you can consider going forward is to configure Insight-RS to not automatically enable new devices.  In this case, any devices that are discovered will be fully classified, but not enabled.  You can then explicitly enable only those devices that you want support automation services for.  To do this, navigate to the Administrator Settings->Discovery tab and de-select the 'Automatically enable newly discovered devices' checkbox (and hit the 'Save Configuration' button).  Word of warning though - I often change this setting and forget about it several weeks later when I'm wondering why my new eligible devices aren't being enabled...




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