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Multi site / Multi EVA configuration - How would you do this?

Mark Smithers
Regular Advisor

Multi site / Multi EVA configuration - How would you do this?

I'm currently installing the following SAN and not sure on how to get ISEE installed. So this is the environment: SAN (dual fabrics) has two sites seperated by dark fibre. Each site has an EVA for both Production and RnD. Each EVA has it's own CV server.

So I have a total of 4 EVAs and 4 CV servers. Each "type" of CV server can see and manage both EVAs of the same type eg The CV servers for RnD can see both RnD EVA units.

All this is in fact scaled up in reality with a larger number of EVAs and of course is set up like this for the sake of a Site failure.

The EVAs are NOT doing CA but re being part of a VMS Cluster or two.....

Now, would you install ISEE on all 4 servers and let it send multiply alerts to HP for the same event. This assumes of course that you get the EVA to send its alerts to more than one Windows system log.

I hope this makes sense, but I'm now confused as to what the best way of doing this is.
Taha Tungekar
Frequent Advisor

Re: Multi site / Multi EVA configuration - How would you do this?

Hi Mark,

You can install webes/isee on all 4 CV-EVA servers. ISEE is designed to filter events on two ends. The customer-end and the HP-Backend.

At customer-end, if a single webes/isee installation will receive multiple (same) notifications for an event, the repeated events will be filtered out and only one of the events will pass through.

At the HP-backend, when multiple (same) events are received from a customer, the events will be filtered and only a single instance of the event will recorded.

Please make sure that you are using the same name for the customer on all the sites. Event the capitalization can lead to multiple notifications. Also make sure that you have the latest rules update package and patch installed for WEBES. You can download them from the HP support website.

Hope this helps.