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Need Remote Device Access documents for step by step installation

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Need Remote Device Access documents for step by step installation

Hello all,

We will deploy IRSA on new customer site. And we wanted to start by deploying Remote Device Access (Virtual CAS) in order to facilitate the installation and have an Unattended remote access to the Managed systems.
However I was really surprised because, apart from the securtity document " Remote Device Access - Security Overview..." and the release notes of the Virtaul CAS "RDA - Virtual CAS Release Notes", I didn't find documents which describe the installation step by step or something like User Guide.

Could you please help me on finding some documents or LAB Guides which will help on installing the Remote Device Access.

Re: Need Remote Device Access documents for step by step installation


Thanks for your posting.

As the V-Cas is only part of the Remote Access solution i.e. not only do we need to setup a V-CAS (Customer Access Server) both HP and the customer also need to set-up the connection either IPSEC VPN or Direct SSH. A lot of the solution set-up guides are internal to HP and we can provide this documentation to customers upon request. HP needs to know when a remote Access Solution is being setup so we can assist the customer and configure our RDA backend infrastructure so that our engineer can connect to the customer. Please feel free to drop me and email and I can provide you with the relevant documentation.

Many Thanks
Ian Robertson
I work for HP