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New Setup Devices Issue

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New Setup Devices Issue

We have installed Insight Remote Support and have added devices, but some servers are showing 1 or more red X's even though we have added, or tested, the correct credentials for SNMP (v1 or v2), iLO, WMI, etc.  The devices are under warranty and meet the Generation requirements.  Suggestions on where to find troubleshooting suggestions?  Is there tech support for this or is this a use at your own risk product?  Thank you.


Re: New Setup Devices Issue


You may need to click on the Devices --> Monitoring and Collections to check why the devices are shoing Red. If the protocol has been Monitoring Protocol has been configured correctly then you may need to check the protocol used for collections, as this can be different as comared to the Monitoring protocol for some devices such as SAN Swicthes etc.

You can refer the IRS Managed Device Configuration guide for more details on how to discover the servers and the various protocols needed  - 

Other good IRS documentations are available at 

As regards getting support, you can log a case with with HPE IRS Support team using the serian number of one of the managed device under active warranty/suport with HPE. HPE rovides complimentery support for IRS software.



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