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No Success with v7.0.5 and G8 servers

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No Success with v7.0.5 and G8 servers

Unable to get rid of RED error indicators for both Warranty & Contracts and Collections on G8 servers. Occasionally I can get rid of one RED error, but never both at same time.  Have two G8's and I have same problem with both.   Among the many problems I see, this one stands out:


If I go to ILO4 of the G8 and Register with the IRS Host, it succeeds.  The Host will display the device (twice - once with

hostname, and one with ip....for a little while and then since ribcl is configured correctly the entry by ip address goes away).  However, while still connected to the G8 ILO4, if I initiate collections, they run, and then they try to transmit to the IRS Host....and then I get an error on ILO4 that basically says:  this device was previously deleted from the Host, unregister and then register again.  It's an endless cycle because unregister, re-register doesn't help - still can't initiate collections from ILO4 without the "this device was previously deleted" message.


Network config is 2 interfaces on the Host - one for the ilo network that the G8 ILO's are on and one for the OS network that Host uses to get to HP Insight Online.


Anybody make 7.0.5 work (by work I mean all green indicators) with Agentless Management on 350p for 380p G8 running SLES10 x86 SP4 or SLES11 x86_64 SP2? 





Frequent Advisor

Re: No Success with v7.0.5 and G8 servers



Let’s take these one at a time:


Warranty & Contract red check – this value is set based on an entitlement call back to HP.  If a contract identifier (SAID or CarePack ID) is not specified, this lookup is based on the acquired serial number and product ID combination (the same approach that was taken in v5).  There are a couple places to get additional information in the device details view (select the device name link from the Devices table):

  • Expand the Hardware section and note the ‘Acquired Serial Number’ and ‘Acquired Product Number’ fields – these should be populated and correct.  If they are not, then the process Insight RS uses to retrieve attributes from the gen8 has failed (possibly due to the registration issue).
  • If they are populated, expand the ‘Warranty & Contract’ section and view the Explanation (at the bottom) – this should give you an idea as to why the entitlement call returned with the results that it did.


Registration – this one may be bit tricky to troubleshoot through the forum, but let me provide some basic information on the iLO4-triggered registration:

  • When an iLO4 registers with Insight RS, there is an initial synchronous communication where some data is passed to Insight RS and, after confirming the required fields are in place, an ‘ok’ response is returned to the iLO4.  This is what leads to the iLO4 ‘connected’ screen.  After that initial connection, Insight RS runs a full classification of the Gen8 device to confirm the configuration setup and retrieve additional data that is not present in the initial registration. 


One of the checks to confirm the configuration is to reach back to the iLO4 and check the configured Insight RS hosting device – if it doesn’t look the same, Insight RS will disable the gen8 under the assumption that some other hosting device is monitoring it and you’ll see the subsequent iLO4 communications fail.  One scenario where I have seen this happen is when the iLO4 setup uses an FQDN that the hosting device is unable to resolve to one of its IP addresses (e.g. if DNS is not configured on the hosting device).  If you think something like this might be happening, you might try using the IP address of the hosting device when setting up Embedded RS in the iLO4 UI.


  • That said, there are other reasons we might be seeing this behavior, and the use of two subnets adds some complexity as well.  What does the Insight RS Devices screen report with regards to the Gen8 server (after the iLO4 has reported the error message)?  Specifically, is the device still listed, what is the eligible and enabled state, and if you hover over the gen8 device name, what does it report for the ‘iLO Enabled’ field?
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