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No longer automatically creating support tickets

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No longer automatically creating support tickets

I installed a fresh copy of SIM 7.2 and RS Advanced 5.8 because our old 7.1 server stopped automatically creating support tickets for things like bad hard drivers, etc. I've followed all the documentation with no success. Please help me get this going, I feel like I'm spending more time tring to get SIM to work then doing my actual job.

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Re: No longer automatically creating support tickets

Hello Sean_RWB,


First, I recommend contact the Insight Remote Support Team.  They will be able to assist. Please refer to this location:  

The support team can then assess what is happening, and work to resolve the issue.
Secondly, unless you have a need to run IRSA 5.80, I recommend moving to the newer version of Insight Remote Support, version 7.0.8. 
If you haven't, I would check release notes to see if your devices are supported with the new version or if you still need to remain on IRSA 5.80.
I am an HP employee!