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Not Sure If WEBES Is Working Correctly

Nick Turner
Occasional Contributor

Not Sure If WEBES Is Working Correctly

We recently upgraded the version of WEBES we use. For the first few days we received alot of informational alerts. An example of one alert we received is "A DR Group failover has taken place., System Event Analyzer Detected Fault".
On Tuesday we replaced a disk but got no alerts. Today I added two new LUNS and deleted two old ones. Nobody got any alerts.Should I be getting alerts for these tasks? I have attached the alert I see in the WEBES log.
On a side note is it good practice to create a new binary log file every week?

Re: Not Sure If WEBES Is Working Correctly

Hi Nick,

WEBES is smart enough to rule out most customer createdmaintenance or upgrade related alerts.

Make sure it's working:

Run a "wsea test" from the command prompt, you won't get any output there but if WEBES is working you will get an email and you should also be able to see the test event on the ISEE interface.

Hope it helps.