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OSEM Managed Systems Setup

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OSEM Managed Systems Setup

Just looking for some clarity as the documentation seems a little vague....our sales rep states that OSEM (installed on my HPSIM server 5.03) will automatically discover servers with the HP SIM agents installed and pull the entitlement data for those servers.

Is this true?

If not, do I need to manually add within OSEM all physical servers with HP SIM agents that I want to have RSP handling, within the managed systems screen of OSEM?
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Re: OSEM Managed Systems Setup

In a IRS Advanced environment OESM and WEBES are being fed by HP-SIM. All managed devices must already be configured in HP-SIM.
For OSEM: With the first time a device sends a service incident, which has to be handled by OSEM, it appears in the "Managed Systems" list.

Regards, Werner
Olivier Masse
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Re: OSEM Managed Systems Setup

Werner is right on this one as I've seen similar behaviour... OSEM entities get configured in the list only when the first event is triggered.

For devices that depend on OSEM and for which there is no "test" event available (in my case, Brocade switches), there is a way to have them listed in OSEM right away if you want to. Just add them manually in OSEM by creating a new managed system using only the hostname of the device, nothing else. It should then appear the list with all the details pulled from SIM.

Good luck