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OSEM and SEA and SIM 5.3

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OSEM and SEA and SIM 5.3

Hello Team

Firstly - OSEM used to have a list of events that were sent to HP, not sure how to get this in SEA. All systems show No Collections Present; what is this? Is there way to get these OSEM events into SEA?

Secondly - If there are missing systems in WEBES Managed Entries; but not in CIM, how are they added?

Thirdly - In the managed protocols section what is needed to be configured at a minimum?
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Re: OSEM and SEA and SIM 5.3

The OSEM functiomality has been integrated into WEBES.
With IRSA the managed devices which are remote support eligible are automatically added into WEBES.
That the service incidents will be submitted to HP, the serial number, product number and the country code must be entered.
The documentation about the lates version of IRSA is availabe on

Regards, Werner