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OSEM installation quandry

Tim Van Steenburgh
Occasional Contributor

OSEM installation quandry

I'm attempting to install OSEM 1.4 on Win2003 server, d:\program files\hp\osem. Install performs cleanly, but service will not start. When I remove and reinstall to c:\program files\hp\osem, service starts fine. Can anyone tell me what needs to be modified to support osem on my d:

A. van Berk
Frequent Advisor

Re: OSEM installation quandry

Could you check whether there is enough space on your D drive.
Try reinstalling to your D drive again and
check for anomalies in the log file of OSEM.
The log file can be found here:

D:\Program Files\Hewlett-Packard\OSEM\logs\

A. van Berk
Frequent Advisor

Re: OSEM installation quandry

I just replayed your action by installing OSEM 1.4 on the D drive of a win2003 server.
I had NO problems installing it and the service started without problems.

I suggest to uninstall OSEM 1.4 and reinstall it on your D drive again.

Please attach the OSEM log files if there are still problems.