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OSEM not removed properly

Leah Jacobs
Occasional Contributor

OSEM not removed properly

Installed HP SIM 5.1 w/ Remote Support and when trying to install the latest version of OSEM I receive the error message 'Open Service Event Manager' service is not completely removed. **A logoff adn logon could resolve this. I have logged off and on again, removed Remote support and reloaded it. OSEM has never showed up Add/Remove programs to remove it. Any suggestions?
Michael Wyant
Trusted Contributor

Re: OSEM not removed properly

Leigh, Two things you may have to do. #1 - Look in C:\OSEM Backup or C:\Backup OSEM (I forget which name it is) and delete that folder. #2 - Do a regedit and do a find on "OSEM" and delete all folders and keys that are associated with it. (obviously export the complete registry before doing this). Also, check in your services and see if Open Service Event Manager service is running...that might tell you if the service still exists at all.

Good luck!
Frequent Advisor

Re: OSEM not removed properly


check if following procedure would help you. I understand from yur query, when you try to install OSEM from SWM, you get a error of previous components.

1. Stop the OSEM service - net stop crsm5invoker

2. Rename the OSEM directory to osem.old

3 Regedit Delete HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\CRSM5Invoker

4 Regedit Delete HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\HP\OSEM

The OSEM removal script detects something wrong if crsm5invoker.exe still exists after removing OSEM

5a. del %windir%\system32\crsm5invoker.exe

5. Reboot

6. Install OSEM

If old data/configuration is not important we can stop here

7. Stop the OSEM service - net stop crsm5invoker

8. copy ..\osem.old\working.props,..\osem.old\hosts.txt,..\osem.old\communities.txt,..\osem.old\ms\*.* and finally ..\osem.old\notifications\*.* to ..\osem

9. start the OSEM service - net start crsm5invoker