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OSEM remote delivery down

Super Advisor

OSEM remote delivery down

we have been having a few issues with our ISEE and OSEM mail delivery.

i keep geting remote delivery down when i send a test mail to ISEE via OSEM test.

internal works ok.

the setings are as below

Central server system name or IP address = localhost
Outbound port = 7920
Reporting filter.= all managed systems
Remote Problem Report Delivery =Automatic
Model 3 incident delivery only = false
Remote connection type = Automatic




Re: OSEM remote delivery down


This is usually due to one of two things, WCCProxy.exe process is not running or you have over configured OSEM. Everyting added to OSEM's configuration pages becomes a filter and can either enhance or deminish the communication between OSEM and ISEE.
If you have configured the localhost in the OSEM Managed Systems pages, remove it, the information that is supplied during the ISEE Client SW configuration is were this information should be configured.
Did you fill out the OSEM Company Information? Other then the Company Name, which by the way she be identical to what you supplied in the ISEE UI, should not be added to this page if it is the same as what was configured in the ISEE UI,ie site and contact information...
Did you put anything on the OSEM communities page? It is only required if you have multiple read-only community names, other wise keep it clean.
Check the C:\Program Files\Hewlett-Packard\OSEM\logs\RSM_log.0.log, see if there is anything that can point you to the cause for failure.

Good luck,

Ludo Coopmans
Occasional Advisor

Re: OSEM remote delivery down


There are a few things to remember when you install ISEE client and OSEM.
However they say that you can install ISEE or OSEM without any order of installation, it's better to install first ISEE and then OSEM.
The "Outbound protocol" must be on ISEE or ISEE&SMSPI otherwise OSEM doesn't know where he need to send his incidents to.
When you install ISEE first and then OSEM, this parameter is correct.
There are also a few other things to consider. In the earlier versions of OSEM there were some problems like this. All those can be solved with OSEM 1.4.2. But the outbound protocol must always pointing to ISEE.