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Openview COnfiguration Manager

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Gene Kenny
Regular Advisor

Openview COnfiguration Manager


I just installed RSP, part of the installation included HP Openview Configuration Manager. The first question is this the correct forum? When I start Configuration Mgr it fails and asks if I want to work offline. What is CM trying to connect to? What file do I edit so a connection can be established? What does CM buy me?


Andrew Claiborne
Valued Contributor

Re: Openview COnfiguration Manager

Hi Gene,

This is the correct forum.

The RSP installation installs the HP Openview Configuration Manager agent only. During the RSP configuration, the CM agent downloads and installs the rest of the RSP components.

Don't directly use the the CM to configure RSP. Instead choose "Start->Programs->Hewlett-Packard->Remote Support Software Manager->Initializatize Remote Support Software Manager" You should be presented with a wizard that walks you through the RSP configuration process and will call CM behind the scenes to download and install all RSP components.

If you choose, RSP's CM agent can keep the RSP components up to date as new versions are released. After RSP is downloaded and installed by CM, you can change your update preferences using the user interface available from "Start->Programs->Hewlett-Packard->Remote Support Software Manager->Remote Support Software Manager User Interface"

Best Regards,
-Andy Claiborne