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Osem 1.4 and C/seires switches

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Osem 1.4 and C/seires switches


Is there anyone who has succesfully setup osem 1.4 to receive snmp traps from cisco (SAN) switches ?

We have tried this on our SPOP, added a C/series switch as a managed system, and then generated snpm traps from the switch, but osem doesnt seem to receive the traps.

We have verified that the snmp´s events from the switch are received on our spop.

A. van Berk
Frequent Advisor

Re: Osem 1.4 and C/seires switches

Can you tell a bit more about the configuration?
what is connected to what?
Can you tell how you have set snmp?

Is the trap destination of the switch pointing to a seperate OSEM server?