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P2000 shows yellow triangle

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P2000 shows yellow triangle

On the seriv ce health tab under Insight Remote Support Service Status the P2000 shows a yellow triangle.  If I move the mouse over the triangle it shows connection success protocl SNMP and connection failure WBEM reason for failure unable to make a subscription.  It also fails to subscribe if I use the subscribe to WBEM events either through SIM or manually from a CLI.  How can I clear the error.  The SAN storage collections work fine.  I am running V5.70 on a Windows 2003 CMS.


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Re: P2000 shows yellow triangle



   The yellow icon in this case is because the WBEM providers are preferred for supporting these devices.  The SNMP protocol will work just fine as well, it is just an indicator that you might want to think about installing the WMI providers on the P2000.  


   I would probably just leave it be if SNMP is working for you.  


   However there are instructions in the "HP Insight Remote Support Advanced A.05.80 Managed Systems Configuration Guide" on the HP Insight Remote Support Advanced Documentation site Chapter 19 for configuring P2000 (Modular Storage Array).

I am an HP employee.